Goldsworthy Reserve Playground


City of Greater Geelong

Landscape Architect:

City of Greater Geelong

Scope of Work:

Demolition, Earthworks, Concrete Paving and Gravel Paving, Post and Wire Fence, Installation of Proprietary and Custom Playground Items, installation of Custom Playground Structures, Flying Fox, Timber Climbing Wall, Large Climbing Mound, Installation of Rock and Turf


Goldsworthy Reserve Playground is located behind the Goldsworthy Reserve athletics track. It was designed by the City of Greater Geelong and it is based around the stories and landscape of the Wadawurrung. Play areas includes water play, sand play, fly fox, as well as climbing walls, and most of the playground items are natural-based to connect young users to nature. 

Majority of the play items were custom made to specifications including balance beams and stepping logs.  Our team of skilled carpenters also built 2 fully custom all-natural timber log play structure. 

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